Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wien & lion dance

My elder girl, Wien, love lion dance very very much...MIL even bought her a small lion head during 2005 Chinese New Year..cost her RM50 but she said worth it as my girl play with it almost everyday.... Here are some of the photo taken during CNY....


kwloong said...

I wanted to get one for my son too. How much did you get that for, the lion head?


jazzmint said... either love it or scare of it :)

Jesslyn said...

Michelle:MIL bought it at RM50, other shop sell less than 50 but not as pretty as this one!
Jazz: she scare it during 1st time saw lion dance but after 2yrs she become love it pulak!

Tracy said...

Hee, hee, Wien looks so cute with the lion head. Can she dance to the lion dance?

Thought of buying one for Destinee. Think she'll love it too

AsleyLee said...

So nice the lion head, must buy one for Joshua in the coming Chinese New Year, sure is big enough to play with.

Jesslyn said...

Thanks u guys for dropping by..
Tracy & HS :when the real lion dance is here, she will not dance but just shake the head..haha
I m sure Destiness & Joshua will like it...Wien even dance on the chair & she fall down once..then I was kena scolded by my mum for allowing her to play on chair!! should watch up carefully!