Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yeah..Lyon holding bottle by herself..

Yes...Lyon can hold bottle by herself & finished all the milk...yeah, we no need hold for her any more....yahooooooo!!

Milk she will finished all but as for water, she will play with the bottle or shake it & let the water split onto her face! Then she will look at me see whether I will scold her not, if I pretend scolding her then she will repeat again, and laugh at me...I like to see her play with me like cute!
When Wien saw sister Lyon lying down & drink milk by herself , she will also follow, by lying beside her & compete with bad, Wien till now still using bottle for her milk, she refuse to use cup, no matter how we pursuade her.
Lyon is 10 months old by now. Already has 4 teeth on top & 2 at the bottom, another 2 going to pop up soon at the bottom! So total 8...
No doubt Lyon progress is faster than Wien. ...Lyon start teething at month 4 whereas Wien only has teeth by month 9. We tend to worry at that time why her teeth never come out! Those bb that same age with her already have at least 2 teeth at the bottom....first time parent ma ...a bit kiasu la!


Tracy said...

Lyon can hold her milk bottle by herself, sooo clever liao.

My Destinee's still using the milk bottle too cos she too refuse to drink from her cup. She'll only drink Milo from the cup. I wonder if she goes to nursery next year, will she be allowed to use the bottle? *tongue out*

I like the pic with the two girls lying together on the pillow and holding to their bottles.

Lazymama said...

Better pop her up higher with higher pillow to drink milk as I know drink milk at lying down position might cause ear infection. Milk tends to flow from the throat to the ear when lying down.

Jesslyn said...

Tracy: sometimes I was teasing at Wien, asking her want to bottle to your school o not? Then she say :no! I will oni use at teacher will not know ma!
Jeff: thanks for the advise! we did make it higher a bit as the height like we used to hold her..