Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Early childhood program

Today received one big envelop postage from my ex-colleague. The content was some copy of the SEE’s method on early childhood program and some photocopy of the flash card; all in mandarin. Appreciate her effort for cutting the card into small piece & staple it together, seem like a small booklet though. My this ex-colleague very emphasized on her kids edu, she attended many courses so far, she make use of what she learnt from the course and apply onto her kids edu. Of course she also shares with me all the time. She will be talking non-stop when we chat on kids’ edu. I can say she is expert now and can open a nursery and do teaching liao! Wien can read some of the card that she sent. The card only has one subject with one word at the early stage, later with 2 words, etc…then form a short sentence. So when Wien look at the subject (picture), then she can recognized the wording. Everyday repeat the same then slowly they can remember the words. I am going to teach Wien using this method whenever I got the time. Would like to share this with you guys…. “不要让孩子输在起跑点” 是怕输的家长 和不健康的幼教工匠常说的话。 事实上,告诉孩子如何去和别人相处 比优胜劣败的竞技更重要。 如果真的非争不可,也要赢在终点, 而不要赢在“阿Q”的起点。 Basically it means : “dun let your kids loss at the beginning stage” some kiasu parents & unhealthy early childhood program teachers like to say this to the kids. In actual, should guide & tell your kids how to mix around with other people, this will be more important than letting them fighting each other over the win & loss. If really want to fight for win, then please win at the ending stage, but not win at the beginning “Ah Q” stage. Unquote: sorry, I do direct translate ya as my English grammar not so good!!