Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hong Kong Disneyland

Yes, we plan to go Hong Kong Disneyland this year…will bring Wien along. As we think she is able to enjoy the place by now! She love Disneyland cartoon such as Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, piglet, goofy, Pluto, etc... Wien knew that we are going to bring her to Mickey Mouse house soon(in her mind, Disneyland mean Mickey Mouse’s house), she is very excited; always mentioned it in front of us….she awaiting this day… After the HK Disneyland open ceremony on 9/12, all local newspaper did advertised the photo gallery of the places and some photo of those cute cartoons, Wien just like it and keep showing us the photo! She also keep the paper in her bags. We had booked the package during recent Matta Fair, had paid for the deposit as well..if book in other date, the package will be RM200 higher per pax. In other words, I had save RM600..hehe.. Not going to bring Lyon along, as she is too small, after all also troublesome as have to carry her all the time..cannot enjoy the trip..so bad mommy ya..


Tracy said...

Jess, I think it's not advisable to go this year cos according to my sis (staying in HK) and a fren working in the tour agency, the place's packed and most of the places are still until construction.