Thursday, September 15, 2005

Remote control car..

Last weekend get a remote control car for Wien, thru Cosway redemption.... She is so excited when play with the car, then the sister Lyon le get frightened pulak when she saw the small car moving around her..Quickly she crawl towards me, asking me for pau pau! In fact, Wien had beg us so long to buy her remote control car. Whenever she saw in shopping mall that people do for demo, then she will request the guy to let her play....finally I decided to get one for her! Wien is a girl yet she like boy's games, such as lion head, remote control car....She doesn't like Hello Kitty, teddy bear..those soft toy ...she only play with soft toy for a very short time, then she will look for her lion head...funny ya...I hv a collection of Hello Kitty, thought can keep for my girl but she dun want..never mind, can keep for Lyon... Wien is lucky, she has been played with real rabbit so far, as well as ducks, chickens, puppy & cat! All these small pets were brought back by her grandma, one pet in one time la, if not my house become zoo already! Except rabbit & chicken, the rest had been given away after few days adoption by Wien...of course all these pets had been given a bath b4 Wien play with them! We will also make sure she wash & clean her hands thoroughly using dettol after playing with those pets!


Lazymama said...

The baby ducks are so cute....of course Wien is cuter! :P

My girl also same, never fancy soft toys & she likes boyish toy.

kwloong said...

Wow, can I send my gal and boy to your little zoo?

jazzmint said...

hehe so nice grandma buy alot pets for your girl..

Jesslyn said...

jefference:tks...hope they not turn up like tomboy ya!
Michelle: u guys r welcome! Yes, Wien also told her buddy that she has a small zoo at the back of the hse!
jazz: all pets r FOC la..either from friend or relatives, we only need to buy food for them!