Monday, May 19, 2008

Car seats

When you have infant or toddler at home, then you will need car seats for them when you bring them for driving journey. It is a must own safety device for all kids. Therefore invest into a good car seat is very important as you might want a good quality and comfortable car seat for your beloved children. There are few criteria that I will take into consideration when purchase the child car seats.

1. Easy installation – need to study carefully the installation manual.

2. Get a convertible car seat – so that your car seat can get a versatile and last the longest.

3. LATCH – to reduce the risk of improperly installed car seats to maximize safety. No seatbelts are needed for installation.

4. Easy Release Latches and Buckles

5. Washability – easy to detach and wash.

6. Comfort – baby should feel comfortable while sitting inside car seat.