Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sarawak or LV?

I just confirmed a 3D2N trip to Sarawak for my family with zero fares from MAS airline. It took me very long period to get the ebooking from MAS call center after I changed to another email address. Very funny though coz I also receive the booking at my gmail email which I gave them earlier on. Anyway now the problem solve. Next I am going to look for good deal for local tour. The reason is with local tour package I can get the free airport transfer service, other wise I will have to rent car or look for taxi service that will cost me a bomb!

Oh ya, I am going to meet with Elina if my schedule is allow me to do so. Too bad, Sabrina already back to Taiping during my trip period, else we can arrange meet up too. Some of my friends ask me why select Sarawak vacation but not Las Vegas vacations. Hey, you wanna sponsor me going to LV issit? If yes, I don't' mind arrange the booking! LOL