Monday, May 19, 2008

On cruises

Paris is a wonderful city. Hubby and I had been to Paris in year 2005, our second honeymoon trip after the arrival of elder girl. It is also one of the most expensive and luxury package that I ever experience it. Though we had spent so much for the tour but we never feel regret or heart pain for the money. To me, the trip worth the money that we spent. If my financial allow, I am sure will re-visit Paris one day. Hopefully next round I will able to tag along my 2 girls. I want them to experience the excitement in this city of lights. However hubby has different suggestion, he prefer go to Italy since Italy also another best place to visit in Europe.

One activity that I wish to try while travel to Europe is experience the Christian Cruises from Living Passages. I am not sure how much will it cost for 2 pax of us for the Christian Cruise, will try to check it out from their website and start saving money for it. hopefully by that time I am afford to bring Wien and Lyon to enjoy the trip with us. I will feel bad if leave them with parent in law while hubby and I go for holiday. Let’s set Christian Cruises as my next travel destination in near future.