Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun at Disney

Both my 2 girls are the super fans for Disney channel characters, they will never miss the show whenever it is on air at TV broadcast. Too bad, my house do not have Astro, other wise two of them sure will hook in front the TV 7x24. it is also the reason why hubby and myself not agree to fix Astro at home, we worry they will addicted to cartoon series instead of do homework revision. Well, if my financial allow, I will bring them to Orlando Disneyland one day. Hopefully Orlando Fun Tickets by then will offer discount Disney World tickets for family package.


irenelim said... daughter like to disney channel too. we got astro at home all the while, but now unsubscribe the Wah Lai Toi, and subscribe the disney channel for her. Of course, u must control which channel to let her to watch.