Saturday, May 10, 2008

buy or no buy?

For the past few years I did not buy any wedding anniversary to my dear hubby. Each year when come to this date, I will ask him what he need and his answer will be I don’t need anything. If you have extra money, just deposit into our house fund ie our join name bank account.

However this year I am going to give him a surprise and not going to ask him anymore. I was thinking to surprise him with a glashutte original watch from one of the online website. There are few models I prefer for this brand however I have to put on hold my plan now coz I don’t think I am afford to pay for the cost of this branded watch. More ever if hubby found out the price, I am not sure whether he will “kill” me or not since we are not from rich family either. A Glashutte original watch will cost me more than $20K, far away from my budget.

For your information, my dear hubby still wearing the same watch that he bought 8 years ago. The watch price cost him $100+ only and yet he can keep till so long. Looks like I better look for other cheaper brand that is affordable to me.