Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why need 2 handphone?

Sometimes I noticed some people will have more than 2 handphones at one time. When their hp is ringing, I can see they busy checking which hp is ringing. Sometimes they took wrongly...of course lar, what for carry so many hp at one time. They really so busy ar? or they're having big business out there? Frankly I don't feel the need to have so many hp in one go. After all you have to pay more too. Now everything are so expensive. If you are using prepaid hp, if you have 2 hp, meaning that you have to pay at least RM30 x 2 = RM60 for each month.

Haiz...better save up the money lar!


mumsgather said...

One phone for the wife another for the mistress. Lol!

snoopy said...

Hehehe....i have 2 phones too. One is general use.....another one specially for hubby lor.