Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pizza lover

During my childhood time, I never ever tried any type of pizza, let alone fast food like McDonald or KFC. The main reason is my parent not affords to let us enjoy the luxury. They only managed to bring us to playground to play and walk around in town instead of going to shopping mall to shop. But we still live happily without any complaint and demand for more. We know our situation and we know well about family financial too.

Hubby wishes to apply the same for our children too but I am not agree to his way. Since we are afford to let our children enjoy the life though not in luxury way, so why not let it be? Among all the fast food, my children love pizza the most. They will request us to bring them to Pizza Hut during weekend from time to time. However we cannot go every weekend coz it is not healthy to eat this fast food, especially for kids.

In fact, I ever think of to DIY pizza using mozzarella cheese for them since nowadays it is so much easier to buy cheese as compare to last time. I had been talking to DIY pizza long time ago, yet till now still never make any for them. so, to satisfy their crave, I buy frozen pizza from supermarket. All I need to do is heat it using my oven, and Viola…ready to serve!

By the way, if you’re pizza lover and wish to enjoy FREE pizza for one year, do check out Ristorante Contest from the site. All you need to do is fill in your name, email and postcode in their website. Too bad, only Canadian citizens entitle for the contest, other wise I will be joining it too!

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