Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Car DVD players

My girls start pestering their daddy to fix a car DVD player into his car after they saw the neighbour's kids enjoy the movie in the car very much. In fact, we ever think of fixing a car DVD player some time ago but due to the expensive cost incur, so we put on hold the plan. More ever my hubby is not a movie person and he hardly watch movie at home too. So to him, it is not a must item for his car. Also not all the time we go for vacation by car, so hubby suggest to fix it in future but not now. However now the price for car DVD players had dropped dramatically and it also become very popular for car owner too. I am so tempted to ask hubby fix one into his car, so that we can watch movie when we are in car ride for long distance. But I think my girls will occupy the players, I am sure they will on their favorite cartoon series instead of adult movie. :)