Monday, June 02, 2008


These few days I am at home resting. I start feel bore after 4 days at home and I wish to go back to my work station. Not that I like to work but I cannot do much home and I cannot walk fast too. Most of the time it is my MIL who taking care my kids while me purely rest at home. Also these few days make me think should I change my job, should I look for better offer job? My hubby keep persuade me to change coz to him my current salary is pretty low as compare to current market rate. But so far I never complain about my pay coz I am satisfy with current working condition plus I can snaking during office hour too if bosses not around. LOL... Ok lar, maybe one day I will send in Philadelphia resumes to look for any good offer in Philadelphia! But then, it seem this place too far for me ler....