Friday, August 29, 2008

Raise cat?

My 2 kids love cats very much. Whenever they spot it at road side, for sure both of them will chase after him. If they manage to catch him, then they will hold or carry him around. Gosh, I dislike hairy animal. So you can imagine how I scream to them if I see them carry the cat. Road side cat sure dirty as we all know, that’s why I dislike them carry him or even touch him. Lately both of them request my permission to allow them raise a cat at home. Do you think I will agree? Hehe….NO WAY! Imagine with 2 kids I already have to do lot of works, what’s more additional pet at home. That’s mean I have to do extra cleaning job too, like feeding, washing etc. one more thing, I have to invest money for pet’s equipment too, such as litter box, food, feeding tray and many more. oh no way I will allow them raise a cat man!