Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympic Vs Disneyland

Beijing Olympic open ceremony is marvelous! Did you watch it live at TV? At first I thought I only can watch at RTM1 but later found out we actually can watch from Channel 5 from Singapore channel too. I live border to JB, so not surprise I can watch Beijing open ceremony live in Singapore channel. It is equally clear as Astro ( I assume) but a bit faster than RTM1's delay live transmission. At 080808, I watch the great show together with my family members. Even my 2 girls also very enjoy throughout the show. Too bad, they did not see the mascot coming out from the ceremony. Never mind just wait for closing ceremony, I am sure they able to meet with the cute mascots. If you will to give me free discount Disney World tickets at this date, I don't think I will fly over to Orlando to enjoy the fun. I rather stay home and watch this excellent show. Being proud to be Chinese!