Thursday, August 21, 2008

8D report

One of our customers lodged a complaint letter to us lately. The consequences of sending defective parts to them is we have to bear all the losses and damages that cause them into trouble as well as bearing all the costs and charges for the goods sending back to us. Wow, that is a lot of money incurred!! Haiz…….again my company doing another losing money business. How to expect another round of bonus this year end if we keep bearing costs like this.

As a result of this, the customer requests an 8D report from us urgently. I ever heard about 8D reports from hubby. In his previous company, he has to do this report if their goods to customer having severe problem. 8D reports mean 8 Disciplines Process. Below just the simple description of the 8D process. If you wish to know more, do google it out.

Discipline 1. Form the Team

Discipline 2. Describe the Problem

Discipline 3. Contain the Problem

Discipline 4. Identify the Root Cause

Discipline 5. Formulate and Verify Corrective Actions

Discipline 6. Correct the Problem and Confirm the Effects

Discipline 7. Prevent the Problem

Discipline 8. Congratulate the Team