Friday, August 15, 2008

corporate branding

Many of us aware that if we do not have experience in dealing with business, then we might encounter lots of difficulty at beginning stage. I ever think of to own a business but due to lack of knowledge in this field, till date I yet to make the first move. I should start to learn how to manage an online store’s tactics first before fully engage myself into it.

One of my best friends runs a women boutique in town area. She had been in this field for 2 years; however her businesses seem does not have any improvement in terms of profit or sales volume. She is good at publicity and marketing her products actually, but still could not bring in more sales for her business. She is clueless and could not find out the root cause. She already spends so much time into marketing her products yet could not see any improvement in sales profit.

I was thinking perhaps she should build up her products’ brand name first, so that more visitors or customer will get to know existence of this brand name in the market. See, Corporate Branding is essential if you wish to get more attention and publicity from the market. This amount of money have to spend if you wish to increase your sales as well as profit margin.