Saturday, October 18, 2008

Study MBA wor....

I heard my hubby said some of his female colleagues took MBA course by part time basis. I am impress they can do coz they still have some children to mind with at home. I think they must be having good helper at home or maid that can help them out while they are away attending courses. For time being I don't think I can do like that, my girls still small and they need me. My hubby not a good entertainer, that's why they will come to me most of the time even though their papa is at home.

I think if I wish to take MBA, I can always go for online colleges like Capella. Imagine, we can just study online at home, at the same still can spare some time for the children if they need me. Online colleges equally popular as normal colleges. The only different is we can study at our comfort house and not restricted to fix time schedule. Isn't it great?

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