Friday, October 24, 2008

More orders come in now.....

My pending orders increase to 10 dresses by now. Some customers hoping me can rush for them within a week time whereas some just give me "no lead time" to sew. But I will still try my best to get the dresses down in 2 weeks time. Hehe...I was thinking shall I impose more charges if they ask for 1 week lead time? :P anyway, just kidding. Later they will run away from me and no more business for me then. New business owner cannot be so choosy ya!

I am glad that I can get such a good number of orders. At first I was thinking no one like homemade products cos outside you can get the same products with cheaper prices as compare to my prices. Some customer prefer unique design, so they will love me tailor like me to sew for them. I am appreciate for the skill I have now, hopefully one day I can make this business growth. Who know one day I may have franchise opportunities from famous store that solely ask for homemade products. !