Friday, October 31, 2008

Hard earn money

Economic getting worst lately. As a result, lot of businesses had been slow down a lot, especially after fuel oil price jet up tremendously few months ago. However fuel oil price drop recently; the price back to 2 years ago price. This is a good sign to every one of us. However the household items or stuff price still remain high. The sellers seem no intention to drop their price in conjunction with drop of fuel oil price. Public like us start making noise, they demand for price drop. Government also start to slowly enforce seller to drop price, else they will take action against them. Haiz….you think seller willing to drop price at this hour? They bought their stuff during price up too; of course they need to maintain the price until the batch finishing selling.

During increase price period, business owner also hard to collect back their debt. This is because everyone are tight with cash, so they try to hold their payment as long as they can. Therefore many business owner facing Debt Collection during this hard time. some companies still afford to hire debt collection agency to help them collect back their debt. For those unaffordable one, they just sit and wait. In fact, my company also facing debt problem. My boss use his power to force the sales team to collect back the debt, else they commission will be on hold.