Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The very first time when I heard about UTI (urinary tract infection) is one of my blogger’s baby girls get infected by this disease. At that time I still cannot imagine how UTI cause uneasy and uncomfortable for a baby girl that less than 1 year old. So I try to read more from Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, a UTI is a bacterial infection that affects any part of the urinary tract. When the bacteria get into our bladder or kidney, it will multiply in the urine and cause a UTI. Understand from my blogger friend that bladder infection still not so severe than kidney infection. Usually the doctor will prescribe short course of antibiotics to treat the UTIs. Well, have to act fast, else it will prolong the recovery time. by the way, if the victim is an infant, then the mummy better continue her breastfeeding as it can reduce teh risk of UTI’s attack in future.

Ok, back to my blogger friend. Her baby girl only 3 months old when she got her first attack of UTI. She got panic too when she first heard this term from her family doctor. This is because none of her family members attacked by UTI before. After that she read a lot about this term from internet. She wants to know more about it, so that her baby girl can recover fast and get rid of this disease soonest possible. This is also one of the reason she insist to breastfeed her girl after she knew that breast milk good for reducing UTI attacks. Each time when I knew her girl get attacked by UTI, my heart sank. Imagine the doctor will insert the catheter into baby’s urethra. Don’t you feel pity for her? We adult already feel very uncomfortable when the catheter being inserted into our urethra; what’s more she is just a baby girl. Haiz……..

I just hope she will recover from UTI soon.