Thursday, February 26, 2009

Health equipments

People nowadays very concern about their health condition, including my parent in law. My MIL will go for check up every month. She had high cholesterol and high blood pressure history, so the clinic need close supervision on her. Lucky my MIL very concern about her health condition, so she will go for check up diligently every month. However my father in law is opposite with her. He has health problem history like the wife too but he too lazy to follow up on his medical check up. He will try to avoid medicines too. *sigh*

Though he lazy to go clinic for check up but he bought few medical equipment to self examine his blood pressure as well as his heart rate. Therefore in his room, you can find the high blood pressure monitor as well as the heart rate monitor. Due to this, we always warn the kids don’t play with those stuff, else the grandfather sure will scold them no ending.


Moomykin said...

I think it's a male thing.

My hubby also does not like to see any medical people and hates taking medicine.

My father was like that too. But my father-in-law is more concern. His only grumble is the bills.