Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gold investment

I am not a jewelry person like my mom, that’s why I seldom use my extra money to buy any jewelry for myself. However my elder sister is opposite with me. she will go to bank or jewelry to use her money for gold investment. By the way, she only play with gold that printed on book but not physical gold though. Get what I mean?

Nowadays, playing with gold is very common. It is not so risky than share market. This is because gold price will increase value every value but not value depreciation. Of course you need close supervision for gold market before investing your money into it. Once it is up price, then you should sell it, so that only you can enjoy the profit. Other wise, just keep for few months or few years. I am sure you can gain back extra money from it. at that time, I am also sure you can buy more expensive Designer Jewelry to show off with your friends.