Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls, dun sick again hor!

I think I need break now. It's my time to rest. The girls had recovered from sick but yesterday the younger girl has high fever suddenly. Scare me. I quickly feed her fever medicine and sponge her at the same time. The fever went down after a while. After 3 hours no show of high fever again....phew...what a relief! How come suddenly got fever ar. Lucky I did keep some fever medicine at my fridge. If visit doctor again, I am sure he will say: hey, cutie, you come again ar! LOL

Girls ar girls, dun sick again lor, else don't know when only we can have our Orlando vacations! Papa said now cannot go for holiday coz bad time now, but he promised will bring us once economic become better.


Mouren said...

My kids too just recovered from fever. Hemm, 'musim sakit' kot? Anyway, take care!

Moomykin said...

Hope your girls are better.
You take care too, Mommy.