Friday, February 27, 2009

Honeymoon with him

Many blogger mummies commented that they hardly have chance to have ahoneymoon vacation with their spouse since baby arrival. This statement including myself too. most of the time, if we wish to travel far, we have to think of the kids first. However most of the time I will bring them along. This is because I will feel guilty for putting them at home while we enjoy the tour.

So far, I only did it one time whereby hubby and I go to Europe for a 15days trip. Of course I miss my girl dearly throughout the 15 days. I actually spend a lot of money into buying things for her, just to cover my guilty. Since then, I told hubby will try to include them for every honey vacations in future, if any.


Moomykin said...

Ahh... You did better than a lot of us.

Since my first boy was born 5 years ago, I have never left home or stayed over anywhere without my kids.

Even when hubby was away, and the boys were small, I'd visit my mom's overnight, and have them with me. We all have been to Taiping, Penang, Kuantan, Bentong and Johor.

With them we also travelled to Singapore, Indonesia, and the furthest was Australia.
Next destination is Thailand.