Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alarm clock

Both my girls start schooling now. Every morning their daddy will wake them up. Of course their daddy need alarm clock to wake him up first before he come and wake us up! LOL

My body alarm all these while is set at 7.00 - 7.10am. I will wake up automatically without anyone wake me up. However my elder is in primary school now, and her session start at 7.10am. Therefore she need to wake up by 6.10am latest, else she might be late. So we need daddy's help as he is always wake up at 6.00am before off to work. However the elder girl ask for an alarm clock now. She claimed that she need a personal alarm clock, so that we don't need to wake her up daily. Good idea? Now her daddy crack his head now, to think what type of clock to buy for her. Or shall he just buy her Polar watches that come with alarm function? How much will it cost? Time to do shopping now!