Monday, March 09, 2009

Gardenia butterscotch

While blog hopping, noticed some of the bloggers commenting on Gardenia butterscotch. Tempted me to buy one loaf and try it myself.

One day evening after work, while accompany my girls playing at compound, noticed the "roti car" coming soon. So I try my luck to ask for the bread. Immediately the seller gave me one loaf and I passed him RM4.00. Yeah, RM4.00 for one loaf and inside I was told contained only 12-14 slices of bread. Never mind, let me try whether it is really that nice or not.

Open the pack and try one slice, give some to my girls, both commented so so only. Er, how come? Many said nice wor, how come they said so so only ar? I try it myself. Hmmmm....not bad lar...not taste as heaven like what commented by other blogger. Anyway, still one good choice to eat as breakfast if I got nothing to eat sometimes.


Moomykin said...

Hahaha... that's the problem when people keep saying something is very nice. It raises our expectation. Sometimes too much of an expectation.

Maybe if you'd not expected it to "taste like heaven" it might do better on your tastebuds.