Monday, March 09, 2009

No keep no explode!

Both my kids love to do sketching since young. Of course at early stage, we don’t know what they draw. But we can see lots of lines and circle. Slowly those circles and lines can see some object. First it is the human object, then bird, dog or cow etc. their masterpiece is amazing sometimes. I did keep some of them for my blogging purposes. Some of my bloggers suggested framing them up and hanging onto wall. Though I wish to do that but right now my house do not have a nice location to do it.

However recently we just empty the second room and turn it to elder girl’s bedroom. When time permit, we will repaint the room and change some study table for her. After that, we may hang some of her masterpieces in her room too. I did not keep all of her work coz my space is limited. Most of them are scanned copy and store properly in my computer. If I will to keep all her hard copy, then I may need an Art Storage company to help me store them! LOL!

Psst..psst..the main reason that I did not keep all my kids’ masterpieces are due to my hubby. He is the one object I keep coz to him, lean management is important in daily life too. No keep no explode!