Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nanyang Kopitiam @ Tangkak

I know there is a Nanyang Kopitiam near my area but yet to try it out. This morning saw the leaflet of this so call high class kopitiam, so decided to give it a try. I have to go alone coz hubby already off to work early morning.

Now they have a promo package at RM2.50 for one plate of nasi lemak/fried meehoon/mee with a cup of white coffee or milk tea. For RM2.50 I can get both food and drink, not bad deal ya. So this morning after sending my girl to kindy, I straight drive to this kopitiam. Opps, this area need to put parking coupon. I better put one, else I may get summon though.

This kopitiam near Tangkak bus station, quite good area coz passenger can take a cup of drink while waiting for bus, express bus or taxi. LOL

There are 2 partitions here, one open air and the other one is aircond room. Since no one smoking at that time, so I sit at open air area. After place my order, I start snapping photo. I noticed some of the guests there looking at me with weird eyes! Hahaha……not many of them know about blogging at this small town!

This is my breakfast. Nasi lemak + white coffee


msaufong said...

RM2.50??!! That is damn cheap ler! in KL 1 white coffee already mahu RM1.40!! siao

reanaclaire said...

hello..coming by to visit u... kopithiams now are everywhere..the one who created this is now a loaded man..haha..

Anonymous said...

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