Monday, March 09, 2009

Online website

My hubby started my online store many months ago. He is using free hosting to do the setup for me. To him, using blogspot service is the easiest way coz he is familiar with blogpsot configuration as compare to shopping cart software or wordpress.

Well, after the blogspot website being nicely set up and launched, I got many feedback from my fellow blogger friends. They commented why not using shopping cart service since this service allow the customer to use credit card as payment instead of using cash all the time. Frankly, I did not know that shopping cart service could use credit card as a mode of payment. More ever I never think of my website will be a hot place to place order in future. Hehe….all these while I was thinking if I can get few customer from online, then I will be happy already. Now my website could be consider success now coz I managed to grab few orders from new and repeat customer from to time. However so far most of them never ask for credit card payment but online transfer only. Never mind, if I ever receive any comment about credit card, maybe I will hire manhattan it services to do me a shopping cart for my website.


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