Friday, March 13, 2009

Take care the cash properly.

I never work as cashier before. To me, this job need big responsibility. Why I said so? This is because you are the one who in charge of the cash drawer during working hour, if anything goes wrong with the total amount after office hour, then you have to pay full responsibility of it. Either dig out where is the short fall or pay it with your own pocket money. No joke. However as I know, cashier pay is quite hight as compare to other department's staff. Frankly I prefer to work as normal staff instead of taking care the money. :P


Moomykin said...

I too don't like handling money. But I once worked in a bakery where there were only 2 staff at a time, so we all had to learn to work the cash register which was pre-programmed.

I am more of a people person. I'd work at customer service anytime, especially wrapping gifts.

HK said...

just dropping by to say Hi :)

Mouren said...

That's the reason why I hate accountings - dealing with 'live' money...:p