Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anyone can compete with her?

p/s : This post was in my draft quite some time, almost forgot about it until I saw Zara's peeling off petai skin photos. Lyon also another little kpc at home, she love to help out, although some time she just create the mess for us. No choice, we just let her help. She like to help Ma Ma to peel off garlic skin, and she only use her little finger to peel it off. Can anyone of you compete with her? Frankly, I need small knife to assist me, also my eyes will getting "painful" after a while doing this. Amazingly, she is ok with all these!

Concentrating peeling garlic skin
Left : Put into basket....Right : Nah, give mummy one
Top : Opps, my eyes pain lar....Bottom : But still can open my eyes !


Egghead said...

soooo cute lah!
that's why I prefer a girl :P

Msau said... cut ahh..Lyon..look she did it very seriously wor..haha

btw..y need so many garlic wan???

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. another little helper in the kitchen hor..

Some more can tahan so spicy.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Aiyo so cute Lyon, can send to my house to help me peel ah? We also peel & chop a lot ready for cooking when we need them.

Tracy said...

Waiyo, why u need to peel the lot of garlic neh? Wah, little Lyon can be a good helper. psst, psst, wait until she's older, she'll run away when u need her help. Kekekekeke.

So cute the pic where she closed her eyes.

AsleyLee said...

Wow,she is so cute!
Haha, i also wonder why needed so many garlic??!!

magictree said...

So cute!! Ya hor, why need so many garlic? You family is very big meh?
I thot she 'close' eyes also can peel garlic!

michelle said...

Now her hand smell like garlic. Is mummy training Lyon to be a chef?

HMom said...

ok - its time to train Harvynna for some kitchen work!! Lyon looks so into her new 'job'!

Jan said...

woahahah...she is really mummy's great helper...kekeke....but why do you need so much garlic huh?

mumsgather said...

Aiyooooo. So cute! Yah, like everyone else, I'm wondering why so much garlic? Hahaha.

Jesslyn said...

hehe..then I wish u next is baby girl lor!:P

yeah very serious look, even when I took pic also she no smile at me!

MIL has the habbit to peel a lot of garlic and shallot at one time, then half of them will keep in fridge, half of them will fried as蒜+葱头油 and keep in kitchen for cooking use. This save a lot on her cooking time though.

zara's mama,
yeah, myself cannot stand the spicy too!

no problem to send over, but afraid she might cry (scare of stranger lor).
Try to use blender, can save some of your energy too!:P

eh, u eat the garlic skin kah? LOL
Sometime Wien will run away if I ask for her help..:(

Hui Sia/Magictree/Jan/Mumsgather,
Refer msau comment.

plan to train her little helper @ kitchen.

Harvynna big girl now, u can start training her. She will be very helpful for the begining! :P

blurblur said...

Aiyo...really very cute lah! :)
I just realised Lyon got big eyes leh..hehehe..:)

Vien said...

Have to train all these young ones to help out in the house ya? I hope my little one will be like Lyon. :)

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