Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Play @ Big Field

Recently Wien likes to tag along with MIL, go to big field EARLY morning. Why I say EARLY morning? Well, they go there about 6.30am, don’t you think this is pretty early for a kid aged 4? MIL has a hobby doing exercise in the morning (晨运) She slept with Ma Ma nowadays, so when Ma Ma ‘s alarm ring @ 6am, she would probably wake up together with her; or sometimes Ma Ma wake her up @ 5am or 6am, to pee at potty (she is in the progress of diaperless at night now), she will become awake and beg her bring her along. Ma Ma would bring her along, but occasionally she will tell her today no exercise, coax her to sleep back. When she fall asleep again, only she wake up and sneak out….but if she wake up found Ma Ma already out, she will cry and come to my room…sigh…. Why she like to tag along? 2 main attractions there. 1. She likes to run around the field and also can meet with other kids. I am surprise as there are many kids there too, parent doing exercise while their kids playing there, one stone shot 2 birds, 一举两得,何乐不为呢?Some kids even bring their book and share with her, be it Chinese kid or Malay kid. She will tell me after she is back. 2. After big field, Ma Ma will bring her to kid’s playground, just next to the big field. She can play crazily there because morning not so crowded. Sometimes I really discourage her go there, mainly becos she sleep less than 10 hour in a day ( nap time approximately 2hour only, at night 11pm only goes to bed). But hubby seems like no objection, so I just close one eye, unless she sleeps with me again. But then hubby will say: hey , not easy to kick her out from our room, and now you wanna she come back again! Hehehe….this daddy ah always wants to kick them to another room!


Egghead said...

aiyor... healthy life-style mah... children dun need that much sleep lah :P

IMMomsDaughter said...

Daddy want some *ahem* private time with mommy mar ;) Anyway, it's good that Wien can fully utilize her energy, u knowlah, kids nowadays like Energizer battery.

Vien said...

early morning exercise good for her la. I heard nowadays smog in KL, might as well take full use of the morning non-congested air.

Sabrina said...

At least she can wake up early. Some kids refuse to wake up at that time. KEith will wake up every morning after I took my shower n switch on the room light to get ready for work.

AsleyLee said...

Hehehe...Wien tags grandma with intention.

jazzmint said...

wahh..she's really an early bird huh!! I thought she go taichi there, but turns up go play with other kids. It's good also then she got friends mah, but lack of sleep not so good lor

Jan said...

at least you have one consolation, you know if next time morning session school, Wien will have no problem waking up lor...kekeke....

Daddy kick kids out so he can have his wify back mah....muahahaha

waking up early is good, maybe can try to train them to sleep slightly earlier, then that would be perfect lor....start slow, real slow, perhaps 15 mins earlier everyday.....

blurblur said...

Wow, you've got an early riser there..i thought Damien's 7ish am is consider very early for me during weekends already..your Wien even more 'powderful'...hehehe..;p

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. wake up so early? Ask me to wake up so early also I cannot ler.

Btw, you MIL so nice hor.. jaga the kids for you even overnight.. aigh.. if only my MIL is like that.

Jesslyn said...

me a weird mummy, very particular on their sleep time nia!

Energizer? yeah, precious term! Sometimes she no nap at noon also look so active at night!

Vien ,
morning at my place very nice, i wish to do exercise too but lazy butt lar!

Hope she can easily wake up too when enter school time. Then me less headache.

Hui Sia,
last time she very stick to me, now change target so happy!

sometimes she do monkey show there too...singing to those uncle n aunties!

I wish to train her sleep early but my MIL is a night owl too! 11pm only goes to bed!

if no go to big field, she will wake up at 7ish too!

Zara's mama,
most of the time me kena wake by her too as she will talk talk talk near my room. *sigh*

Next mission is to coax Lyon sleep with her too...:P

chanelwong said...

good habit to wake up early...