Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yam Cake - 芋头圈

Yam cake is one of my favorite dish during eating out. Long long time had been thinking to try to do it at home, only last weekend manage to try it out after I bought a packet of wheat starch.

Usual shape for yam cake was in ring form, but if I make in ring form, then I have to use lot of cooking oil (to cover the whole ring) , which is quite wasted at the end. My MIL and myself only keep used fried cooking oil for max 2 days only. Therefore being creative mind (ahem...), I make in small pieces, easy to fry also easy to eat too! :P

Later I cook sweet & sour pork put on top of the yam cake! Done!


michelle said...

So you are into cooking this month...:)

Jan said...

you are really my cooking book leh!!!kekeke

thanks for sharing...

AsleyLee said...

Wow,yummy yummy!
You're also good in cooking!

Jesslyn said...

I only cook during weekend, so cook something special for them lor!

me? no lar, still way to go lar. I love to surf recipe from internet!

Hui Sia,
so so lar...:P

jazzmint said...

yooorr..don't tempt me lah, I cant eat yam for another month still :(

Vien said...

aiyo..damn sui..now i'm hungry.

Zara's Mama said...

How come no recipe for this? I love 'fatt put' too..

Jesslyn said...

hehehe...heard have to pantang 100 days for yam hor! But tell u, i eat it when i back to work after 2mth maternity leave, tak ada gatal pun! LOL

US easy to find yam or not?

zara's mama,
when I hv time, i will post in cookblog, no worry!

Anonymous said...

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