Monday, August 14, 2006

Convo @ MMU, Cyberjaya

Finally hubby graduated from his MBA in Business Management. Congratulations, dear!

Last Saturday, hubby and I went to MMU Cycberjaya. All graduates have to be there by 7.30am for registration; that’s mean we have to depart from our place by 5am, approximately 2 hour drive. So, we wake up at 4am+, pretty early huh. Due to this reason, we didn’t bring along the girls. At first I plan to bring Wien only, but hubby disagree, as he plan to take this chance to pak tor with me…hehehe…also very lucky I did not bring her , as the convo session so bored and long too!:( 7am sharp - reached there, already crowded with graduates, parents and visitors. Hubby went to do his registration, after that I went to parent and visitors’ entrance. The event run smoothly but too bad the speech given by the counselor (Dr Siti Hasmah) and Honor degree holder ( forgot the name) very very long. Each of them took 30 min to finish their speech, I almost fall asleep, very bored indeed. What impress me during the event is, the graduates name pronunciations was done by computerization. All they need is to scan their student smart card and registration via student smart card too. While queuing for receiving their certificate, scan the card first, then the computer will read out their name accordingly. At the same time, the big screen will show their photo and dedicatitions. Bravo to MMU student who has this creative mind! These definitely ease the event. But the system was down on and off, hubby said he did dedicate some words to me but me no chance to see it, the system was down while his turn and I miss the dedications….:( Well, we plan to sneak out after hubby’s turn got his certificate, but fail. 2 people standing at the main hall’s entrance, to make sure everyone of us sitting kuai kuai there till the end of the convo…sigh…no choice. Back to the hall and sleeping there (with my eyes open!). The ceremony started at 8am, finish at 1.00pm, can you imagine how tire we are? By 12pm+, I started to feel hungry, I can see some visitors taking out their bread and biscuit and eating too. Cannot blamed them, blamed the screw up event. At that time I feel lucky as I did not bring Wien along, else she will suffer too. When the event finish, we waste almost 45 min just to look for each other. Due to so many people using hp to locate their family member, until the line also congested. At first we had agreed to meet at one place, but that place so crowded, I don’t think hubby can see me though due to my petite size. So I walk to less crowded place, try to reach him by hp, but after 45min only manage to talk to him. By that time already 1.45pm, our stomachs already start drumming, poor us. Our next plan is to go 1 Utama for shopping. So after abt 1 hr drive, we reach our destination with hubby’s friend guide. After having our quick lunch, we start our shopping journey. Why select 1 U? Mainly due to we never been that place lor! Nothing much to see there; still prefer shop at KLCC or Mid Valley. Btw, I saw Kidsport there, finally. So next time if got gathering there, pls count me in as I know the direction already. hehehe…
Right: saw many sunflower bouquet, so beautiful!
Left : cute cute Pooh.
Hubby on stage and the screen. Sorry, can post his photo big big here, no permission given by him ler..


Egghead said...

yeah! that event sux! over-run by two hours! crazy people!
too bad we didn't meet up! LOL!

Grace said...

Congratulation to your hubby.

Jason said...


Got saw JiNz?

Zara's Mama said...

Congratulations! Wah.. you husband quite terror woh.. can still study and get MBA with kids huh?

Good system design, but lousy coding? Malunya down so many times.

Wah.. didn't know these convocation so boring.. no breakfast served?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Congrates to your hubby, I can feel you proudly beaming away :)

michelle said...

Congrats!! MBA - Married But Available..hehehe.

Yeah convo is a boring event, I remembered we always look forward to ppl's mistake. During my convo, the top student accidentally drop his medal, that was real funny. There were a few, who forgot to shake the Dean's hand and had to redo it again.

chanelwong said...

Congrats !!!!

Wah same uni with me but I only got Degree...

AsleyLee said...

Congrats to your hubby!

I have my winnie the pooh too when i was graduated.

Vien said...

That's a great accomplishment! I tried to get my hubby to get his MBA, but he doesn't like to study..hehe. Congrats!

jazzmint said...

congrats congrats to ur hubby ;). Wahh so long huh, if me also sure tidur liao.

Jan said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi.....happy for you.....good tidings for your family.....

Allyfeel said...


How come you so scared of the 2 men standing? I would have pass thru them and said "Aku nak kencing" and sneak out. :P

Jesslyn said...

quite a tiring trip, i sleep in the car while hubby was driving!


No wor, all wearing robes, & all look the same for me!

Zara's mama,
I jaga kids & he study lor!
Refreshment only serve to VIP ler!

yeah! yeah!

michelle, funny thing happen ler else I will not feel so sleepy lor!

further study lor, take your MBA now! :P

Huis Sia,
your pooh must be given by your hubby lor!

now my hubby consider PhD pulak..:(

actually some ppl are sleeping there.


in the hall itself also has 2 toilet, no reason to sneak out ler! Saw few ppl beg the guys open door, but they say NO!

blurblur said...

Congrats to your hubby and you! :)

Got MBA, got increment also? :P

Jesslyn said...

increment? hopofully lar!

Potential Mom said...

wahhh...that sunday i miss the convo.... actually lincoln kor also had convo on that day..due to the transport i din go ...aighh..miss the chance to see u ler..