Monday, March 24, 2008

Disposable wedding cameras

I heard so much about disposable camera like Polaroid but this is my first time heard about disposable wedding cameras. Usually marry couple will look for professional photographer to snap picture for them during their great day. However the trend of disposable wedding cameras getting popular now. if you wish to know more about disposable wedding cameras, check it out at where it provides a full service to the bride & groom and lets all wedding guests view and download the candid wedding photos at

Personally I would think it is a unique wedding idea for using disposable wedding camera. All you have to do is Signup as a member with and receive beautiful wedding cameras in the mail to distribute at your wedding. After your great event, just simply return the cameras to them by postage prepaid box. Then let them do the process for you while you are in your honeymoon! On top of that, you also can receive frees stuff like film development, 4x 6 prints and photo DVD! Wow so many goodies waiting for you, quickly sign up now!