Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Good news to me

Yeah, today I heard very good news, at least favorable to me.

Not long ago, my boss as a Feng Sui master to check our factory area. There are few areas that need to be renovated according to good feng sui. I was thinking my boss must be so desperate for not getting profit over the past few months, that's why he ask Feng Sui master to rescue the company.

Today, contractors come and start the renovation work. Front side will have a another entrance mainly for bosses to enter. Other staff or workers have to use existing gate. Since no guide at new entrance, so there will be an auto gate for bosses to come in.

Next part is our receptionist area. I am still clueless how they are going to do with the area. Just wait and see. Now come to my good news part. My boss going to move to last room and the account and admin staff will move to my boss existing room, with some expansion from IT room. Feng Sui said my boss’s room should have some sun light coming in, but existing room do not have. That’s why have to move this VIP to get some sun light!

Hahaha……this is surely good to me, coz I can no need to smell the strong smoking smell during office hour anymore! Yippie!!!!!!!!