Friday, March 28, 2008

Talk about PR

Lately I heard a lot of my blogger’s blog getting back their page rank (PR). Some had asked for reconsideration from big G and some did not. I yet to send any of my blog for reconsideration coz there are still contained many paid post inside, so I dare not do so now. Well I think I can ask for reconsideration after deleting majority of the post or after adding no follow tag.

In fact, I know it is hard to gain back my page rank and at time I even have given up hope to it. Luckily I do not have to wait for blogging money to buy milk for my kids, else I think I have to hire expert SEO company to do Search Engine Optimization for my blogs. I am not a person who good at SEO thingy and I am not even know how to create a blog firstly. I need helper to assist me doing all these. Poor me ya!

If I have an online store now, I think I will learn how to maximize my web page rank. This is because only via higher page rank then only we can get more exposure from the net user. Am I right?

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