Saturday, March 29, 2008

Make it happen!

Since many months ago, both my blog page rank (PR) had demoted to PR0 after latest update from search engine. I know it was partly due to my fault coz I seldom work hard to promote and boost up my page rank, that’s why it drops tremendously after the update. I don’t think I am able to get back my PR4 as previously as there are so many factors that can affect my blog page rank and I don’t know I should start from where. Moreover I am not good at SEO concept too.

Well, most of my blogger friends suggested to me to do more on search engine optimization as it able to obtain top natural listings for my blog in internet. Before this, my understanding is only online companies will need this kind of service if they wish to be listed at top 10 in search results. This is because they will more willing to pay more money just to get more exposure for their products and services from the public. Search engine ranking is more important to them, if their website cannot be found in search results; they will not get more revenue for their business.

Look like I better consult Marketing Company if I will to get back my PR4 blog!

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