Monday, November 10, 2008

Take care your eyesight

No doubt TV is the best babysister for kids but sometimes I wonder will I indirectly spoil their eyesight? Most of the time I love to turn on their favorite TV program or VCD during meal time. To me, using this method, I can feed them fast and finish in less than 30 minutes time. However many of my blogger mummies commented that we should not eat in front of computer or TV as this way will affect our digestion and eyesight as well. When they are having eyesight problem, then you got to spend more money onto their eyeglasses. Oh dear! Should I stop doing this? Perhaps hubby is right: we should eat at proper place, proper environment if we can. Ok, I will slowly change my bad habit now.

Eyeglasses are not cheap nowadays; one pair of it easily cost you $100-$200++. Further more you have to remind your kids to take proper care of it; else they might break it very fast. As you know, kids are very careless group and they are very playful too. If they break their eyeglasses every year, you are going to broke I tell you. LOL

.…so better take care their eyesight now!