Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas For Payatas

It's another year end now, the most popular festive aka Christmas is around the corner too! Have you ever think how to celebrate this joyous festive? Well, I am not from Christine religion but I still celebrate this season with my beloved kids and hubby. Frankly I love this festive more as compare to Chinese New Year. CNY is a very noisy festive for me and hubby whereas Christmas is totally opposite with it.

While you busy preparing for your Christmas festive, don't forget those needful person or kids from poor country like Payatas. The children there have to start earn a living as young as 4 year old. Mind you, my 4 year old girl still happily enjoy her life here while her same age kids already start working. heart pain moment ya. I urge everyone of you spare some time watch Youtube video from the side, I am sure you can have a clearer picture on what's going on there.

If you wish to help the children there, so that they also can have a happy and joyful Christmas, please join the Christmas For Payatas campaign; help them in whatever way you can!