Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asimo, we are coming

Tomorrow we are going to KL for our one day trip. The main intention is to visit Honda Asimo who will be in One Utama from 14/11 - 16/11. My girls feel excited once they know they will be able to see real robot soon. In fact they like to watch Wall-E, that's why hubby willing to bring them just to see real robot.

Anyone joining us?


mumsgather said...

Well, I happened to be there. Hubby didn't want to see "just another robot" so when he was busy, I took the kids. But it was so crowded. I was somewhere on the upstairs railings. When I saw a couple leaving I wanted to let my kids fill in the gap but who knows and elderly man, saw me and my kids and he purposedly and quickly stepped ahead of us. My poor kids were disappointed but we managed to catch a peek or two. Haha.

Jess said...

yeah, i saw some inconsiderate person block our way too. they just dun bother whether they block u o not...

*did u see me*?? hehe