Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Save money for renovation soon

Early this year we bought a house near town area. At first we were thinking to rent out the house after some clean up and minor painting. However once all these were done, hubby quite reluctant to rent to outsider. He said he rather treat this house as holiday house for all of us during holiday or weekend instead of letting outsider stay and they might dirty the house too. After think twice, I agreed with his suggestion since for time being we are still afforded to pay the housing loan.

We planted some nice carpet grass at front porch as well as the empty land space. The grasses grow well now, so we can see a nice house environment too. When we first enter the house, the grass grows even taller than my elder girl. After spent few weekends here, clean and cut the grass, so it has a better outlook. No wonder hubby so reluctant to rent out as he had put into lot of effort to beautify our own house.

Since we confirm want to treat the house as holiday house, then we might spend some money for the renovation. However renovation costs not cheap nowadays due to most of the materials are increasing price now. We got to plan and budget properly before any action taken. 2 places must put as priority now: the kitchen and bathroom. Our kitchen now totally empty, not even has a rack/cabinet for us to keep our utensil. As for the bathroom, if possible, I wish to have some quality Bathroom Furniture like bathtub, shower systems, bathroom accessories etc. all these material not cheap too, wonder hubby willing to spend for it or not.