Monday, July 31, 2006


小瓜在大瓜的影响下也学会唱歌了。虽然咬字还不是很清楚,但我认为这已足够了!会继续慢慢的教她。每次大瓜在唱的时候,她都会在旁哼或一起唱; 往往她都以不是很清楚的唱调跟姐姐一起唱, 而且希望唱得比姐姐更大声。 爸爸教她唱妹妹歌,一个字一个字的教,终于教出成绩来了。说真的,爸爸很引以为荣喔! 。。。小瓜录出来的声音还蛮像大瓜的。。。


Egghead said...

good lah... you can make them go for those singing competition liao :P

Vien said... cute her voice! Very loud too!!! Suitable for 山歌..LOL!

AsleyLee said...

Wow,so smart!
My Jo doesn't have any music cells, is my fault for not introducing him a song/music.

shoppingmum said...

So smart! My boy only wants me to sing and he'd rather dance. Dunno when he'll start singing.

Jesslyn said...

later they refuse to stand on stage, how?

hehe..yeah, she sing very loud sometimes!

well, it's not too late to sing to him now!

sing more often or on music cd, they will learn eventually!

Ricket said...

Keep the recording in a CD, it will be a great for keeping.

Zara's Mama said...

Hee hee.. so cute.. but what was the words supposed to be huh?

Jesslyn said...

yeah, we will convert all the song one day.

zara's mama,
she sing 妹妹背着洋娃娃, u listen slowly then can catch what she sang. :P

blurblur said...


I have records of Damien's singing too but all was lost when my handphone's memory card was corrupted some time back..:(