Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Skin MD Natural – Shielding Lotion for your skin.

For the past few weekend, I have to go to our new house to do cleaning. This is because we wish to stay there during weekend or rent out to someone if able to find suitable tenant. After the cleaning part, then I have to help hubby clear the grass plus re-painting the gate and fence. Tell you, it’s tiring job to me. Other than feeling tire, I also feel my hands dry, cracked and sore too. Not that I did not apply lotion each night but the lotion that I used did not give me full protection.

But now I found that I got an amazing lotion from GOD. Hahaha….it is none other than Skin MD Natural. Thanks to one of the blogger who introduced me to request free sample from Skin MD Natural. After using it for few days, I found that both my hands had back to normal smooth and moisture type. Since then, I constantly apply it during day and night time. Now I think I can say bye-bye to dry and cracked hands.

Skin MD Natural is a shielding lotion and it forms a protective barrier on the skin shielding out irritants and chemicals. It also helps to retain our natural oils and moisture. I read from Skin MD Natural website, understand that it also helps in healing eczema faster than any other medication. Well, I am going to pass some of my small packs sample to my sister coz her eldest girl has been bothered by eczema for quite some times. Hopefully with the help from Skin MD Natural, she could free from eczema for life!

What I like the most about Skin MD Natural is, it dry super fast once you apply it onto your skin, no greasy no oily at all! It is truly an amazing lotion that I ever used! Try it, then only you will know the great effect!