Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Backache problem

I have backache problem since…..not sure since when I start having it. What I know is I can feel the pain after delivery. Perhaps it was due to lack of rest during confinement. I don’t have confinement lady to help me out during the month. My MIL cook for me and wash baby’s as well my laundry. I still have to take care my newborn even at night too. Though my hubby did wake up to help me but seem like I am the one wake up more frequent than him. Cannot blame him coz he still need to work the next day whereas I still can sleep the next day once baby is napping. Some of my close friends do recommended me to take herbal acne treatment cure my backache but I still skeptical about it coz there is not genuine record show that it really could cure backache. Should I try or not??