Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boss going to Spain soon

My GM going to Spain next Sunday. In fact, since last month I had tried to look for cheap flight fare for him, but he seem couldn't decide which date he wants to fly, so put it on hold. However last week, suddenly he came and ask me about his flight detail. I am shock coz I never do any booking for him. See, another indian pusing pattern. I hate it actually but what to do, he is the superior.

Never mind, you push me, I push you back. I checked with 4 travel agents, including our regular travel agent too. Coz I want to get an earliest flight for him, no more delay. One of it can book 13/04/08 departure flight for me, so I just go ahead and book and urge my boss quickly make decision as currently flight to EU very hot and always full too. Now my boss's turn to make fast decision but he seem couldn't make it. Here the revenge come: I keep asking him every half an hour, to confirm the flight. Another reason is, this is my first time dealing with new travel agent, they also not trust us and want CASH. That's why I have to push my boss, so that I can have enough time to prepare the payment.

Anyway, this is just office gossip. I just don't like people do it in pusing way, you play a fool with me, I will revenge to you very soon....LOL


rosi said...

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