Friday, January 19, 2007

Baking Cake

It has been 2 consecutive weekend I am baking for butter cake. Reason was I bought 2 bar of butter from Giant recently, and it's cheap too compare to normal price. So I just grab and plan to bake cake for the girls. They love mummy's cake actually. :P

The girls will help me out whenever saw me took out the mixer. They very kpc actually, pull their stool and stand very close to me, they give me trouble more than helping me sometimes...*sigh* but not let them help, they will keep yelling at u.....sometimes I rather do it during their nap time.

Coming Sunday is my dear mom birthday, still not decide want to bake cake or buy from bakery shop. Buy from shop is more presentable mah but cost a lot... :(

....I think I'll buy cake for her. Confirm.