Friday, January 26, 2007

Sew for me la!!!

As can read from my previous posts, now me busy sewing at night, wish to rush out all order, so that can finish before Chinese New Year. So each time when me busy sewing at 2nd room, Lyon for sure will come in together with her small stool. She very short mah, so need a stool to step on it then only she can see what I am doing. Then she'll start asking: - this one sew for who? - sew for other jie jie wan. - sew for me ler, this dress very nice, don't sew for jie jie ler. - cannot wor, jie jie already ask mummy sew for her.- I want ler, sew one for me! - okok, once mummy finish this, mummy sew one for u ya! - oh! After I promised her, only she'll walk off happily! She really vain pot now, very like to wear dresses nowadays!